After Graduation


Alumni Address IDs ( forwarding addresses) are no longer being offered.  You will maintain your addresses; ITS xMail email accounts will be closed two quarters after graduation, but the email address will continue to work if it is forwarded to an off-campus email provider.  To forward your email address, visit the xMail forwarding page:

Card Keys

Your Card Keys will remain active until August 1st.


Don't forget to turn in your pass to the Parking Facilities Office, 55th & Ellis before you leave.  Parking passes are only good thru June 30th at all lots.


All graduating students' lockers must be cleaned out by June 16th. However, students remaining in Chicago to study for the bar exam may keep their lockers until August 1st. If you are planning to remain in Chicago, please email Candace Bergeron at no later than June 16th. 

Health Coverage

There are two issues relating to health coverage:

1. Insurance
2. The Student Life Fee

Note: Student Health Insurance (U-SHIP) and the Student Life Fee - which gives students access to the Student Care Center and the Student Counseling and Resource Service - are two different things and this seems to confuse everyone.


If you paid for the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance coverage (SASI) for all three quarters this year (Autumn/Winter/Spring), and have not lost eligibility (e.g., restricted status, leave of absence, etc), you will be covered through the summer at no additional cost until August 31st. You do not have to do anything - this is automatic.

If you or a dependent started on the plan after Autumn Quarter, you will be enrolled in the insurance and billed for Summer Quarter unless you already arranged to not be covered during the summer.

If you have specific questions about your medical coverage through August 31st, you can contact:

Insurance Coordinators, United Healthcare Student Resources
phone: (773) 834-4543 (Press Option #2)/ fax: (773) 753-4544

Student Life Fee

Your decision about whether or not to pay the Student Life Fee depends on where you will be this summer.

For students staying in Chicago this summer:

If you are living within a 40-mile range of Chicago this summer and are on the student health plan, you can only get primary care on campus. If you opt to visit a doctor downtown for primary care, you cannot be reimbursed.

If you plan on seeing a doctor this summer including Student Counseling, you should pay the Student Life Fee, as the fee gives students access to the health facilities on campus, including the Student Care Center and the Student Counseling & Resource Service.  If you do not pay the fee and have to see a doctor, you will be billed for each of those services separately (despite having the student health insurance).

For more information on the Student Life Fee, go to

Note: Your health insurance covers you for visits to emergency rooms (here and elsewhere) (assuming the insurance company determines it to be an emergency) and visits to a specialist on campus if the referral was made prior to the end of Spring Quarter (not counting Student Counseling).

For additional information on your insurance coverage, please go to:

For students leaving town this summer:

If you are leaving town, you will not need to pay this Student Life Fee because your health insurance, U-SHIP, covers you like regular insurance where you pay a deductible and the plan covers the balance consistent with your insurance coverage. For additional information on your insurance coverage, please go to:

Insurance After August 31st:

The University of Chicago's U-SHIP insurance policy permits students no longer eligible for coverage to continue their coverage for a period of not more than 6 months, provided the students had been continuously insured under the school's regular student policy for at least 6 months.  Students wishing to continue their insurance coverage must apply and pay premiums. 

Please see or contact United Healthcare Student Resources at for more information about how to extend health care coverage for you or your dependents. 

Post-graduation coverage for alumni is also available from Meyer and Associates.  Meyer's information is available online at  It sells bridge insurance (Short term health insurance ranging from 30 days to 6 months).  Because Meyer affiliates with many Universities, you get a group rate that may make the premiums lower than they would be for individual health plans.  Group plans also are available through the ABA and other law-related organizations.  These plans have no relationship to the University's U-SHIP insurance.  The Law School does not endorse any of these plans.