Plan Your Event

Essential steps

  1. Reserve a room. Catering and A/V can be requested here as well. (Log in with your UCLAW ID.)
    • Catering must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance. If you do not have a confirmation 24 hours before your event, contact Events Manager Lucienne Goodman at
    • All recorded events require a permission form (PDF) signed by the speaker.
    • The room reservation system works best when launched in Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Add an event to the Law School events calendar. (Log in with your CNetID.)

Staff contacts for promotion and logistics

  • Audio-Visual: IT Help Desk, 4-5300
  • Podium: (Facilities) Bob Harstad: 2-9572
  • Elevator/Handicapped Access: (Facilities) Bob Harstad: 2-9572
  • Communications/Flyers/Invitations: Marsha Nagorsky, 4-5958
  • Law School Banner: (Facilities) Bob Harstad: 2-9572
  • Coat rack: (Facilities) Bob Harstad: 2-9572
  • Parking & Security: (Facilities) Bob Harstad: 2-9572/University Police
  • Event Photography: Marsha Nagorsky, 4-5958
  • Catering and Event Logistics: Lucienne Goodman 2-0877 or Erin Wellin 4-4326