Transfer Students

Each year the Law School considers applications from students at other law schools who request to transfer to the University of Chicago for their second and third years of law school. We receive approximately 150-200 transfer applications each year for a transfer class of approximately 15-25 students. The J.D. program is a full-time program only. We do not offer a part-time or evening academic program.

Application Process

We have a paperless admissions process. All applicants must apply through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Electronic Application, which is fully accessible to the visually impaired. We will not accept any paper application materials. Please do not send any paper copies or any additional paper materials to the Admissions Office. Disabled applicants in need of a reasonable accommodation to complete the application process should contact the Admissions Office at 773-702-9484 or email with their request.

We base our transfer admission decisions primarily on an evaluation of the applicant's law school performance, including the law school attended and a letter of recommendation from a law school professor. While the LSAT and undergraduate record are still considered, they are not as critical to the application as the applicant's current law school record.

Transfer applicants may apply through our Early Decision or Regular Decision program.

Early Decision

Early Decision transfer applicants must ensure that we have received their application and all supporting materials, including a law school transcript containing all first-year, first-semester grades and the Law School Information Form, by May 15, 2014. Second semester law school grades are not required to apply under the Early Decision program. Early Decision transfer applicants will receive a decision from the Law School in May. Early Decision acceptances are binding on the applicant, which means that, if admitted, you must commit to matriculating at the Law School and withdraw all other transfer applications at other law schools. If you apply Early Decision, you may not apply to any other law school through a binding early decision or early action program.

All applicants accepted under the Early Decision program will be required to submit a law school transcript containing their final first-year law school grades. All offers of admission made under the Early Decision transfer program are contingent upon the Law School's receipt of a final first-year law school transcript demonstrating consistent performance and successful completion of one full year of study at an ABA-accredited law school.

Regular Decision

Regular Decision transfer applicants must ensure that we have received their application and all supporting materials, including the Law School Information Form and a law school transcript containing all first-year law school grades, by July 1, 2014. Your entire first year of law school grades are required to apply through the Regular Decision transfer program. Offers of admission under the Regular Decision program are not binding on the applicant.

Transfer Application Materials

All transfer applicants must submit the following materials:

  • Completed Transfer application
  • Resume (updated to include any anticipated or current 1L summer work experience)
  • Personal statement (please include an explanation of why you want to study law at Chicago)
  • Two letters of recommendation, including at least one letter of recommendation from a law school professor (only two letters are required, but we will accept up to four - sent through LSAC)
  • $75 application fee
  • Law school transcript (sent through LSAC for processing)
  • Law School Information Form (this form must be emailed directly to the Admissions Office from your current law school)

Please note that the Law School Information Form is a Supplemental Form with the application that you must download from LSAC. However, the Law School Information Form must be completed and emailed directly to our Admissions Office by your current law school; it cannot be submitted to us through LSAC at this time. All other materials must be sent electronically through LSAC. Your application will not be considered complete until we have received all of the materials listed above.

Important Deadlines:

Due to the Law School's August On-Campus Interviewing program, the timing of the transfer admissions process will be accelerated. Please pay close attention to the following deadlines.

  • April 15, 2014: Early Decision Transfer Application will be available and may be submitted electronically.
  • May 15, 2014: Early Decision Transfer Application deadline.
  • April 15, 2014: Regular Decision Transfer Application will be available and may be submitted electronically.
  • July 1, 2014: Regular Decision Transfer Application deadline.

Additional Information for Transfer Students

On-Campus Interviewing:
The Admissions Committee will issue decisions on both Early Decision and Regular Decision transfer applications with sufficient time to allow our incoming transfer students to participate in our On-Campus Interviewing program and bid for fall interviews. On-Campus Interviews will take place in late August.

Academic credit:

Transfer students may receive up to 40 credit hours towards their JD degree at the Law School (which is equal to what University of Chicago law students complete in their first year).   Upon receipt of the transfer student's final official transcript from their previous school, the Office of the Registrar will issue a letter to the transfer student describing both the total number of transfer credits accepted and the transfer student's specific graduation requirements.  Transfer students are eligible for graduation with honors based upon academic performance in the second and third years of law school at Chicago.


University of Chicago students do not register for Autumn Quarter classes until the week before classes begin in late September, and therefore transfer students are not at a disadvantage in selecting classes. Because we are on the quarter system and do not begin classes until late September, admitted transfer students typically have an additional three to four weeks to prepare to attend Chicago.

Journals and Clinical Programs:

Transfer students are eligible for membership on one of the Law School's three student-edited journals.  Transfer students may obtain journal membership through the summer writing competition or the Topic Access Program, which is available to all 2L and 3L students.  To learn more about how to participate in the summer writing competition or the Topic Access Program, please click here to access a memo prepared by The Law Review.  For those seeking journal membership through the summer writing competition, please review the Law Review memo carefully as it provides important information on the dates of the writing competition and how transfer students can participate.

Incoming transfer students are also eligible to participate in the Law School's clinical programs.

Tuition and Financial Aid:

The tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year is $52,368. Transfer students are not eligible for scholarship aid, but will be able to apply for federal and private loans to cover the cost of attendance. The University of Chicago Student Loan Administration processes and disburses loans for our students.