FAQs: Admissions Interviewing Program

May I request an interview? 

While we understand that many applicants would like the opportunity to interview, our interviews are currently by invitation only. We will not be able to accommodate requests for interviews and ask that you not call or write to request an interview. Every application will be seriously considered on its merits and will receive a thorough, holistic review regardless of whether the applicant has been invited for an interview. 

I was not invited to interview.  Does this negatively affect my chances of admission? 

You should not read anything into whether you have been invited to interview. Being offered an interview does not mean that a candidate is guaranteed admission, nor does it mean that the Admissions Committee has questions about the applicant, or that the application is borderline.

Who will be selected for interviews and on what criteria?

Our goal is to interview as many potential members of the incoming class as possible. Candidates selected for interviews will include a wide range of individuals with varying credentials. There are no numeric cut-offs or requirements to be selected for an interview. Candidates will be invited to interview after an initial thorough review of the individual’s entire application. 

How much weight will the Admissions Committee give the interview

The interview will be an additional component of the application. Similar to all other parts of our application, there will be no pre-determined weight or value given to the interview. The interview will be important for every applicant, but the interview will be considered within the context of the individual applicant’s entire application. 

When will I find out whether I am being invited to interview?

The timing of interview invitations will follow the timing of our overall file review process. We review applications in the order they were completed.  We will then invite candidates to interview after the initial review of their files. Your application will go under review (as indicated on your status checker) before you will be considered for an invitation to interview.  We may also invite some waitlisted candidates to interview later in the admissions process. 

How will the interview affect the timing of the decision on my application? 

If you choose to interview, the Admissions Committee will not further evaluate your application until after the interview is completed. Depending on when you schedule your interview, it could extend the amount of time that your application is under review. Nonetheless, we still strongly encourage applicants to take advantage of this opportunity to interview with a member of the Admissions Committee and will make every effort to move each application through the review process as expeditiously as possible.

I received an invitation to interview from the Admissions Committee.   Do I have to accept the invitation to interview?

Although it is up to each applicant whether or not to accept an interview invitation, we strongly encourage applicants to take advantage of the opportunity.  The interviews allow the Admissions Committee a chance to learn more about an applicant and for each applicant to learn more about the Law School's academic environment and student culture.  Should an applicant decline an invitation to interview with a member of the Admissions Committee, his or her file will be returned for review and will be evaluated without an interview.

I will be visiting Chicago.  May I come to campus to interview in person? 

Unfortunately, we are not conducting on-campus interviews at this time, even for individuals who will be in the Chicago area or who currently live in Chicago. Unless an applicant has requested a reasonable accommodation, we expect all applicants to interview via Skype.

How should I prepare for my interview?

Preparation should not be necessary for most applicants. We will not be asking you any legal questions. The interview is designed to allow us to get to know you better and learn more about the type of student you will be. 

Can I find out who is conducting my interview in advance?

No.  Interviews will be conducted by several members of the Admissions Committee. It is not possible to find out in advance who is conducting your interview.  (Don't worry - you won't be expected to know anything about your interviewer in advance; we're just trying to get to know you better.) 

What happens after I schedule my interview?

When you schedule your interview, you should receive an automatic confirmation from the scheduling system with instructions for your interview. You will NOT receive an additional confirmation directly from the Admissions Office. Within a few days of scheduling your interview, your current status on the Online Status Checker will indicate that your interview has been scheduled. Please do not contact the Law School to confirm that your interview has been scheduled (and please wait at least one week for your current status to update online before contacting the Law School). You should receive a reminder confirmation from the scheduling system 24 hours before your interview.  

What should I expect after my interview is completed?

After you conduct your interview, your interviewer will complete an evaluation for your file and your current status will indicate “Interview Completed”. Please note that it may take a few weeks at certain periods of the admissions cycle for your status to be updated. Your application will then be advanced for further review based on the date that your file was originally completed (which is different from the date that you completed your interview).