Laura Katherine Mann, '12

Laura Katherine Mann, '12
Hometown: Albany, Georgia
Undergrad: University of Georgia, '08
College major: Psychology and Marketing
Transferred from: University of Georgia Law

Laura Katherine Mann hadn’t even been to her first day of classes as a transfer student before current law students started introducing themselves to her.

She was at OCI, the on-campus interviews that occur a few weeks before classes start, and was recognized by students in the 2L class as a classmate they hadn’t met. They greeted her, gave her advice on life at the University of Chicago, and welcomed her into the Class of 2012.

Since then, Laura Katherine has had opportunities at the weekly Coffee and Wine Messes to get to know her classmates. She says the students here are warm, friendly, and engaging. That was part of what drew her here in the first place.

Laura Katherine started law school at the University of Georgia Law and interned after her 1L year with Judge W. Louis Sands in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia. She decided to transfer because Chicago Law appealed to her on many levels. Laura Katherine was impressed by the Law School’s academic reputation, its intelligent student body and exceptional professors, and competitive job placement. The Law School’s quarter system, which allows students to take more courses during their time here, also impressed her.

Laura Katherine would tell anyone else considering transferring that while the decision is tough, the reward is great.

“The Law School possesses a unique and respected brand among legal scholars, judges, and practitioners, and I am extremely happy with my decision to transfer here,” she said.

Here's what has been most helpful for Laura Katherine in adjusting to a new law school:

"Before OCI begins, the Law School hosts transfer orientation, providing both important information and a way for transfers to meet each other. When classes start, the Law School assigns each transfer a 'transfer buddy,' a returning student who offers support and advice. Additionally, Dean of Students Amy Gardner periodically checks in with each student to be sure that they feel at home, both socially and academically."