Coffee Mess: Making Wednesdays Brighter

January 8, 2010

Every Wednesday morning, students and faculty can be seen walking into the Law School's Green Lounge with a little extra spring in their step.

What makes Wednesday so special? Take a look at the tables lined with boxes of bagels and donuts of just about every variety and you'll realize the draw.

It's the Law School's Coffee Mess, a weekly social tradition of downing a light breakfast and a cup of joe while catching up with friends, chatting with professors, challenging each other to board games, or cramming in that last bit of reading before heading to class.

Coffee Mess gives students and faculty the opportunity to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere outside of class and away from books. It can be a time for them to meet and get to know Dean Michael Schill in his first quarter here at the Law School. Or they can use the gathering as a chance to run quick questions by Dean of Students Michele Richardson.

Former Dean Saul Levmore started Coffee Mess several years ago, styling the event after its Friday counterpart, Wine Mess.