Lindsey Livingston, '14

Lindsey Livingston, ‘14
Silver Spring, MD
Undergrad: Indiana University-Bloomington, ‘09
Major: Finance, Business Economics and Public Policy
Law School activities/organizations: Women’s Mentoring Program, Student Admissions Committee, Chicago Careers in Law Mentorship Program, Law, Inc.

After graduating from college, Lindsey Livingston traveled the world for two years working for Motorola as a risk management analyst, a job that allowed her to see domestic and international policy decisions at play, often in factories located in developing countries.

Transitioning to law school has been a challenge. Her school days have little resemblance to her former work days, and she had to devise a routine to fit her new environment. She soon figured out that being involved outside the classroom was important to her, no matter how busy she was. Lucky for her, the Law School offers copious chances for involvement.

“In any given day, there are more opportunities to take advantage of than there is time,” Lindsey said. “One week, you may be having lunch with a former Treasury Secretary. The next, you are enjoying Indian food and a movie with one of the school’s most accomplished professors.”

One of her favorite experiences so far was a dinner she and four other students had with alumni mentors they met through the Women’s Mentoring Program. “I was so impressed with how down to earth the women were and how they were willing to take the time to build relationships with us,” she said. “Their time at the Law School clearly meant something to them.”

Lindsey also values how diverse her classmates are in backgrounds and interests. There is no “typical” Chicago student, she said. “You can learn so much from your classmates. If you like to go out, there will always be a group of people to go out with. If you like the arts and culture, you will have no problem finding classmates to go with you to one of the many museums right around (or on campus). And it goes on. If you take a moment, you realize there is a world of learning that can be had outside the books.”

Here's what Lindsey would tell a prospective student about what it’s like to be a 1L at Chicago:

“You laugh. Every day. In every class. Our professors are brilliant scholars who actually love to teach and the combination results in endless wit. When the material gets a bit dry or the reading piles up, the laughing is what keeps me going. Most days, I literally leave class with a smile on my face!”