Women's Mentoring Program

Currently Active

The Women's Mentoring Program facilitates mentoring relationships between 1Ls and Alumni by pairing first year women with female alumni mentors in the Chicago area. The program was founded in the Fall of 1991 by three 1L women for the purpose of connecting first-year women with practicing attorneys and encouraging the development of professional relationships. Our mentors come from countless career paths including law firms, public interest organizations, government positions, and business endeavors, providing 1Ls with exposure to a wide array of viewpoints. The program aims to encourage discussion of issues relevant to women going through and graduating from the law school. We hope that the WMP enables participants to develop meaningful mentoring relationships, hear different perspectives on the law school and practice of law, and learn about the many available career options.

After matching each 1L participant with an alumna mentor who shares a similar background or interest, students meet their mentors through formally-arranged events such as a cocktail reception, breakfast discussions, and small group lunches. Additionally, students are encouraged to initiate private meetings with their mentors which range from casual lunches and coffee breaks to formal dinner panels or mock interview sessions. Many student participants describe the program as one of the most rewarding activities of their 1L year, and maintain relationships with their mentors throughout their careers.

Contact: wmp@law.uchicago.edu