LLM Program

The application deadline for the 2016-2017 LLM Program was December 15, 2015. Candidates may still apply after December 15. They do not need to ask permission to do this. They should understand, however, that they assume the risk that most admission decisions will have been made by the time their applications become complete and are reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee. Candidates who do apply after December 15 should include with their personal statements an explanation about why they did not apply before the deadline.

Our new application materials for the 2017-2018 LLM Program will be available in September, 2016. We are leaving our old materials up so that prospective candidates may get an idea of what our application process is like. Please do not use these materials to apply for the 2017-2018 LLM Program.


On behalf of our Graduate Studies Committee, welcome to this section of the Law School’s web page about LLM programs generally and our LLM Program in particular. The Committee has provided extensive information here. We believe that if you will take the time to read this material carefully most of your questions will be answered.

A note about visiting the Law School: Prospective LLM candidates are welcome to visit. There are no formal LLM visit programs since so many candidates live far away; however, LLM candidates are free to take advantage of the same opportunities provided to the JD candidates—please see the visit section of our web page. If an LLM admissions staff member is available during your visit, that person will try to answer questions. However, we expect that you will have read the information on this website so that we will not need to discuss material that is already available to you.

If you have questions after reviewing this material, please feel free to write me directly.  Any messages you send will eventually be included with your application material if you apply to the Law School.

Richard Badger, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, rbadger@uchicago.edu.