Joint Degrees

Students may apply for joint or dual degrees with other divisions of the University. The student must gain acceptance to each degree program separately. The following joint and dual degrees are the most popular:

  • Business: By using certain courses in partial satisfaction of the requirements for both degrees, a student may be able to earn both the J.D. and the M.B.A. degrees in four calendar years. Students may also pursue a J.D./Ph.D. in conjunction with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business
  • International Relations: A student may earn both the J.D. and the A.M. degree in International Relations in eleven quarters. 
  • Public Policy: A student may earn a Master of Public Policy degree in conjunction with their J.D. through the Harris School of Public Policy. The program takes four years.

To learn more about joint and dual degree programs offered with the JD degree, please click here.

JD/PhD Fellowships

The University of Chicago Law School has established a special and generous fellowship program to support students pursuing a joint JD/PhD at the University of Chicago. Through this program, the Law School will reserve a number of special financial aid packages for top JD/PhD candidates. Students may qualify for either partial or full tuition scholarships as well as a stipend for living expenses.

Students admitted to the University of Chicago Law School and to a PhD program at the University of Chicago may qualify for one of these financial aid packages. Funding is not contingent upon obtaining a particular form of employment after graduation. Decisions regarding funding will be made by the JD/PhD Committee after admission. For inquiries, please contact Dean Ann Perry at