Representative Projects

The following is a list of some of the projects the Corporate Lab has undertaken in the past.

  • Drafted model buy- and sell-side agreements based on broad analysis of technology-related  contracts, with particular emphasis on terms related to intellectual property
  • Surveyed corporate governance literature (e.g., on cumulative voting) and presented findings to the board of directors for use in shareholder meeting
  • Developed ERISA training materials and presented to human resources department
  • Reviewed and analyzed cloud computing agreement as compared to other cloud computing agreements (e.g.,,, and Google)
  • Researched and analyzed the correlation between numerous corporate governance measures and company performance in the public company context in preparation for a shareholder meeting where the adoption of certain governance measures was proposed
  • Worked with group of start-up companies to determine legal issues common to these companies and drafted memoranda setting forth general best practices
  • Drafted letter to be sent to a state attorney general to advocate that the state’s disclosure laws should not apply to the participating company
  • Conducted research on the adaptation of employment timekeeping best practices based on research and analysis of applicable legal issues
  • Researched scope of Executive Order 13496’s employment notification requirements for government contracts and subcontracts as pertinent to specific industry practices
  • Reviewed representative sample of customer contracts to determine the participating company’s potential risk exposure due to shifting legal obligations
  • Developed contract negotiation strategies based on a comparative analysis of “gross negligence” standards under the laws of certain states
  • Researched exceptions applicable to a company’s trade secret and financial information based on research of state public information statutes
  • Researched whether the storage of confidential customer information on third-party computer servers would constitute disclosure for the purposes of client-customer non-disclosure agreements
  • Researched which jurisdiction’s law and forum would be most favorable for a company’s form contracts based on research and analysis of the law surrounding numerous contractual terms, including limitation of liability, indemnification, choice of law, “best efforts” clauses, and set-off
  • Revised and reformulated a client's form end-user license agreement
  • Researched which of a client's subsidiaries would be the most appropriate entity to enter into end-user license agreements with customers
  • Identified the most consumer-friendly terms among a client's various terms of use and consolidated them into one functioning agreement
  • Analyzed various financial institutions' proposed contractual terms in response to public investment funds' requests for proposals relating to custodial services
  • Analyzed a client's form easement agreements specific to several states and consolidated them into one form agreement applicable to all such states
  • Researched corporate governance rules and guidelines promulgated by various exchanges and regulating bodies, and analyzed a client's comparative compliance with such rules and guidelines