Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy

The Law School has joined several other professional schools on campus (Booth, SSA, and Harris) in participating in the University of Chicago's Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP).  The GPHAP program, which was founded in 1934, allows University of Chicago students to earn a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy or a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy with a Concentration in Global Health while simultaneously obtaining a J.D. or a masters' degree from Booth, the Harris School, or SSA.  The program is designed to train and prepare future leaders in health care administration.

Law students interested in participating in GPHAP apply for admission in the fall of their second year.  Rising second year students interested in applying for the GPHAP program for 2013 must submit the application by September 6, 2012. 

Once admitted, the admitted GPHAP students from all of the schools take a class (Introduction to Health Systems) together in the spring quarter.  The class provides students with an overview of the field, including studies in epidemiology, health services organization, reimbursement, the determinants of health services use, and the roles and behavior of various health services.

During the spring quarter of their second year of the program, GPHAP students take a second required course (Special Issues in Health Care Management).  In addition to those courses, GPHAP students are required to take two health-related electives from a University-wide list of health care courses in health economics, marketing, medical sociology, policy analysis for health care, quality improvement, operations management, law, and epidemiology.

In addition to the four classes (two required and two elective), GPHAP students must complete a supervised practicum as part of their training.  The practicum requirement can be fulfilled in several ways, including: summer internships, fellowships, field placements (1 academic year), research assistantships or internships (10 weeks) and professional experience.

Finally, GPHAP students must attend three health-related workshops, seminars, lectures, or GPHAP special events offered on campus each quarter and must provide a short synopsis of each event attended.

GPHAP students do not pay any costs (tuition, fees, etc.) associated with their participation in the Certificate Program.

For more information about the GPHAP program, please see view the materials available at, or contact Shannon Bartlett at