Academic conference

Fault in Contract Law

09.26.2008 - 09.28.2008

Organized by Omri Ben-Shahar, Frank and Bernice Greenberg Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School, and Ariel Porat, Alain Poher Professor of Law, Tel-Aviv University

Reassessing the State and Local Government Toolkit

06.18.2009 - 06.20.2009

"Reassessing the State and Local Government Toolkit" will be held at the Law School on June 18–20, 2009. This conference is being organized by Richard Epstein, Lee Fennell, and Julie Roin and is jointly sponsored by the University of Chicago Law School John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics and the University of Chicago Law Review.

Julie Roin
Lee Fennell
Richard A. Epstein

Conference on Medical Malpractice Liability

05.19.2006 - 05.20.2006

Medical malpractice liability garners media headlines. Basic issues such as the scope of the problem and workable solutions are hotly contested, often without serious analytical or empirical support.

Intergenerational Equity and Discounting


A conference, "Intergenerational Equity and Discounting," will be held at the University of Chicago Law School on Friday April 28th (room F). The conference program is at

Protecting Cultural Heritage: International Law After the War in Iraq


Upon the fall of Saddam Hussein's government in April 2003, news accounts described in grim detail how Iraqs National Museum was pillaged while American forces stood yards away and did nothing. An epidemic of archaeological looting erupted throughout Iraq and continues largely unchecked to this day.

Kenneth W. Dam
Eric Posner

India: Implementing Pluralism and Democracy

11.11.2005 - 11.13.2005

The Center for Comparative Constitutionalism and the Martin Marty Center present, "India: Implementing Pluralism and Democracy," November 11, 12, and 13 at the University of Chicago Law School.  For further information please visit or contact Shaheen Haji

Martha Nussbaum

The Limits of International Law

10.28.2005 - 10.29.2005

The Limits of International Law: A Symposium on the Book by Jack Goldsmith and Eric Posner (Oxford University Press 2004)

University of Georgia Law School, October 28-29, 2005


Jack Goldsmith, Harvard University Law School
Eric Posner, University of Chicago Law School
Kenneth Anderson, American University Law School

Eric Posner

Homo Economicus, Homo Myoipicus, and the Law and Economics of Consumer Choice

06.16.2005 - 06.18.2005

Conference Description: Advances in behavioral economics raise serious doubt about the ability of individuals to make choices that will work to their benefit over the long term. Nevertheless, none of these lessons has been used to reassess the legal rules designed to protect individual consumers, legal rules that in some cases have remained essentially unchanged for more than a century.

Political Economy and Public Law Conference


The Law School & Harris School of Public Policy
University of Chicago, June 5-6, 2009
1111 E. 60th St, Chicago, IL

This conference is by invitation only.

Preliminary Schedule

Friday, June 5    

Thomas J. Miles
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