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The Metamorphosis of IP Investing

Room V
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Hannah Cook (

The last decade has seen vast changes in the way companies develop and monetize intellectual property. Among some of the most active IP investing opportunities are in private equity, public equity, securitization, syndication and special situations. Michael D.

Michael Friedman

The Domestic Violence Project Presents: The 411 on Getting your 711

Room F
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Do you want to get experience standing up in court and advocating for real clients in front of a judge? A 711 license allows law students to get that kind of valuable experience and it can be used in a variety of different settings, including clinics, the Domestic Violence Project, the State's Attorney's Office, and other internships.

Law Women's Caucus, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, and The Office of Career Services present: Anatomy of a Case with Leslie Smith, Partner at Kirkland & Ellis

Room II

Leslie Smith, a litigation partner at Kirkland & Ellis, walks through a recent case she litigated.  She will discuss the formation and evolution of the case strategy as well as her experience interacting with clients, handling difficult negotiations, and playing a leadership role on the case team.

Chicago Law Foundation Pledge-A-Day Student Organization Competition

04.28.2015 - 04.30.2015
Green Lounge
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Come take part in the inaugural CLF Pledge-A-Day Student Organization Competition! Pledge a day, an hour, or any portion of your summer salary. CLF will use the money for public interest 3L bar study grants. You can pledge on behalf of ACS, Fed Soc, LSRJ, or PILS. The organizations with the most money pledged and most people pledging will get a reward from LSA.

Federalist Society Student Symposium: Innovation And Inequality

We are in an age of accelerating technology but many fear we are also in an age of growing inequality. Does the fast pace of innovation pose a threat to social stability? Many fear that machines will take away jobs from the less skilled and extend the reach of superstars, thus deepening inequality.

Federalist Society Student Symposium: Current Issues In Patent Law And Policy

Our patent system has historically been thought to be an engine of innovation, but it is much criticized today. Is a one-size-fits all model for patent duration appropriate in today's technological environment or does it simply incentivize unnecessary litigation? For instance, the rapid pace of technological change in some areas may obviate the need of lengthy patents in some areas.

Federalist Society Student Symposium: Innovation And Health Care

Given that everyone is getting older and more prone to disease, medical innovation is one of the most important measures, if not the most important measure, of a successful health policy. Technological acceleration, including advances in genomics and stem cell research, suggest that we are on the cusp of a golden age of medical innovation.

Federalist Society Student Symposium: Innovation And The Administrative State

Regulation can be a significant barrier to innovation, protecting incumbents and making it harder to bring new goods and services to market. Determining the appropriate regulation is all the more difficult when accelerating technology is creating many new opportunities as well as potential dangers. Can the administrative state itself innovate to promote beneficial innovation?

Federalist Society Student Symposium: Innovation and Health Care

This panel will look at the effect of Obamacare, and the policies of the FDA on innovation. More generally, will the current regulatory processes and reimbursement policies equipped to manage the next generation of personalized medicine and diagnostic devices?

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