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Nina Perales, "Keynote, Legal Forum Symposium: The Civil Rights Act at 50"

Nina Perales is Vice-President of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. This talk was recorded November 18, 2013.

64:07 minutes (58.71 MB)

Legal Forum Symposium: The Civil Rights Act at 50

Room V, with the Keynote Address in Room II

The University of Chicago Legal Forum is proud to present the 2013 Symposium, "The Civil Rights Act at 50." 

Panel One: Uncovering and Responding to Workplace Discrimination 

9:00-10:15 am, Room V

Legal Forum Symposium: Frontiers of Consumer Protection

Rooms V and II (Keynote)

This Friday, November 2nd, the University of Chicago Legal Forum will present its annual topical Symposium.  This year, Symposium participants will chart the "Frontiers of Consumer Protection," discussing three unsettled areas of consumer law: consumer protection and privacy online, the "federalization" of consumer protection, and product recalls.

M. Todd Henderson

Legal Forum Symposium--Combating Corruption

Panels--Room V; Keynote (Lunch)--Room III

Paul Clement, "Theory and Structure in the Executive Branch"

Paul Clement is a Partner at King & Spalding and a former United States Solicitor General. This talk was recorded October 22, 2010, as the keynote address of the Legal Forum Symposium, "Governance and Power."

65:29 minutes (59.95 MB)
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