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Kurt Lash, "Incorporation, Unenumerated Rights, and the 14th Amendment's Privileges and Immunities Clause"

One of the nation’s leading scholars of constitutional law, Professor Kurt T. Lash is honored as the newest recipient of the Guy Raymond Jones Chair in Law at the University of Illinois College of Law, where he directs the Program in Constitutional Theory, History, and Law. During the fall semester 2012, Professor Lash was a visiting professor of law at Northwestern University School of Law.

Clark Neily, "Civil Forfeiture"

Clark Neily joined the Institute for Justice as a senior attorney in 2000. He litigates economic liberty, property rights, school choice, First Amendment, and other constitutional cases in both federal and state courts.

Participating faculty: 
Paul Crane

John Tamny, "Government Barriers to Economic Growth"

Government Barriers to Economic Growth: How Policy Error Gave Us the Great Depression, the 'Financial' Crisis, and Our Present Malaise

Participating faculty: 
Elizabeth Kregor

Baude, Harel, & McAdams, "How Should We Interpret our Constitutions?"

How Should We Interpret our Constitutions? 

A Debate between Professors Baude and Harel

Moderated by Professor McAdams

Participating faculty: 
William Baude
Participating faculty: 
Richard H. McAdams

Josh Blackman, "Noel Canning and Obama on Executive Power"

Josh Blackman is the founder and President of the Harlan Institute, the founder of FantasySCOTUS.net, the Internet's Premier Supreme Court Fantasy League, and blogs at JoshBlackman.com. Josh is the author of "Unprecedented: The Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare" and over a dozen other articles about constitutional law. Josh clerked for the Honorable Danny J. Boggs on the U.S.

Shapiro & McAdams, "The Drug War's War on the Constitution"

Ilya Shapiro, with commentary by Professor Richard McAdams

Participating faculty: 
Richard H. McAdams

Lin & Templeton, "Carbon Emission Regulations"

A Debate: Carbon Emission Regulations

With Elbert Lin and Professor Mark Templeton

Moderated by Sean Helle

Participating faculty: 
Mark N. Templeton

Chilton & Carney, "Hobby Lobby: Individual Liberty, Morality, and Media"

A Debate: Tim Carney and Professor Adam Chilton"Hobby Lobby: Individual Liberty, Morality, and Media"

Participating faculty: 
Adam Chilton

Allyson Ho, '00, Supreme Court Preview 2014

Allyson Ho with commentary by Bigelow Fellow Paul Crane.

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