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Anup Malani, "Contract Law, Transactions Costs and the Boundary of the Firm"

In 1937, Ronald Coase asked a profound question: if markets are so efficient at allocating resources, why are so many resources allocated within firms?  Coase’s answer was that market allocation entailed transactions costs and, when these were very high, transactions will take place within firms.

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Anu Bradford, "The Brussels Effect: The Rise of a Regulatory Superstate in Europe"

It is common to hear Europe described today as the power of the past. Europe is perceived to be weak militarily. Its relative economic power is declining as Asia’s is rising.  Its common currency may be on the verge of disintegrating.

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Craig Futterman, "Race in the Obama Era"

As we near the end of the first term of our nation’s first African American President, does race still matter?  How have our perceptions of race changed?

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Catharine MacKinnon, "Trafficking, Prostitution, and Inequality"

International Women’s Human Rights: Paradigms, Paradoxes, and Possibilities, a Sawyer Seminar organized by the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, addresses contradictions within the concept and practice of women’s human rights.

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Futterman, McAdams, and Strahilevitz on "United States v. Jones"

In November, the Supreme Court heard arguments in United States v. Jones, which will decide whether the Constitution allows police to put a tracking device on a car without either a warrant or the owner's permission.

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Lior Strahilevitz, “Exclusion and Exclusivity: Past, Present & Future”

This lecture was recorded October 27, 2011, at the celebration of Deputy Dean Lior Strahilevitz's appointment as the Law School's inaugural Sidley Austin Professor of Law.

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Conference on Constitutions in Authoritarian Regimes: Session II

Constitutions, it is conventionally believed, are institutions that define and limit the boundaries of government.  Yet the formal constitution is an institution adopted by virtually every modern political regime, including many that would appear to have no interest in codifying any form of limitation on government power.

89:50 minutes (82.24 MB)

Aziz Huq, "Changing the Rules of the Game as You Play: The Supreme Court at the Cusp of O.T. 2011"

This lecture by Assistant Professor of Law Aziz Huq was recorded October 3, 2011, as part of the Law School's annual First Mondays lecture series.

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Saul Levmore, "Ponzi Schemes and Law's Domain"

Ponzi schemes come in many sizes. The colossal fraud engineered by Bernard Madoff is an occasion to rethink the legal rules and remedies associated with such episodes. But then there are smaller Ponzi-like schemes, such as fraud in law school admissions, and the question of whether law does or should play any role.

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Panel Discussion: Hot Topics in Tech Law

This panel, sponsored by Law, Inc. and held on April 28, 2011, discussed hot topics in techology policy, law, and innovation.

Participants included:

65:00 minutes (59.51 MB)
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