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Panel on "Family Law Reform: Global Dimensions"

This panel was part of the conference Democracy and Gender Equality in the Muslim World, organized by Martha Nussbaum and Madhavi Sunder on May 8, 2009. Speakers included:

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Alicia Davis, "Is There a Corporate Governance Clientele Effect?"

Institutional investors, because of their relatively larger ownership stakes, have more incentive than retail investors to monitor the companies in which they invest, particularly if it is costly to exit.

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Michael Schill, "The Mortgage Meltdown and Its Aftermath"

The spectacular rise and fall of the housing market over the past decade has shaken the foundations of virtually every aspect of our economy.

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"Markets, Firms and Property Rights: A Celebration of the Research of Ronald Coase" (Panel 5)

This panel was recorded on December 5, 2009 as part of the conference "Markets, Firms and Property Rights: A Celebration of the Research of Ronald Coase." The conference brought together a group of scholars to honor the life and research of Ronald Coase. 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of the publication of Coase’s seminal paper on the Federal Communications Commission.

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Harvey Levin, '75, "Privacy and the Media"

Harvey Levin, '75, is the Executive Producer of TMZ.com and TMZ TV. He also is a Host of The People's Court and was Creator and Executive Producer of Celebrity Justice. Mr. Levin has taught at the University of Miami School of Law, Whittier College School of Law, and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. This talk was recorded on October 18, 2010.

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Saul Levmore, "From the Wheel to Open Source Software: Growth and Property Rights"

Reasonably secure property rights are widely understood as important for economic growth, though it is also understood that interest groups and politicians can benefit from particular configurations of rights. What might change in a world where intellectual property dominates? How should we expect innovators to be motivated in the next century?

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Geof Stone, "Elena Kagan, John Roberts and the First Amendment"

This talk was delivered On October 4, 2010, as part of the Law School's annual First Mondays lecture series for alumni. Geof Stone is Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago Law School and a 1971 graduate of the Law School.

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Jonathan Masur, "Third-Party Patent Doctrines and Licensing Behavior"

Jonathan Masur is Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School. This talk was recorded June 19, 2010 as part of the Licensing of Intellectual Property Conference sponsored by the John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics.

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Akbar Ganji: "Solutions to the Problem of Gender Discrimination in Islam"

Gender inequality in a variety of forms exists in all religious traditions. Contemporary Muslims in order to solve this problem and reconcile their religious heritage with the modern world have proposed various solutions to this dilemma. This talk will examine these proposed solutions as well as assess the strengths and weakness of these approaches.

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Sarah Barringer Gordon, "The Spirit of the Law: Separation of Church and State from 1945-1990"

The University of Chicago Law School is proud to welcome Professor Sarah Barringer Gordon, Arlin M. Adams Professor of Constitutional Law and Professor of History at Penn Law School, for the 2010 Fulton Lecture in Legal History.

68:14 minutes (62.47 MB)
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