Becoming a Student Organization

A.      Through the Law Students Association (LSA)

If you would like to establish an official LSSO, you are encouraged to consult The Dean of Students or the Associate Director of Student Affairs for advice, but the official first step is to contact the LSA President or Vice-President. LSA will require that you present a proposal for your organization (including your organization’s by-laws) at one of the weekly LSA meetings.  At this meeting, you will explain the purpose of your proposed organization and explain your proposed budget.  LSA will then vote whether to grant your organization status as a LSSO and whether to allocate your organization any funding. Once you become an official LSSO, the name of your group may be listed in appropriate Law School directories and publications. In addition, you will qualify for tax-exempt status when making purchases. 

B.       Through the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CLI)

A Registered Student Organization (RSO) is a student organization that is recognized by the University’s Center for Leadership and Involvement (CLI).  This recognition makes the group an official part of the University of Chicago, with all of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of that status.  Privileges of being an RSO include the ability to request funding from the University-wide Student Government (SG).  Therefore, RSOs have access to additional sources of funding beyond the support available through the Law School and LSA.  Because of the many resources offered by CLI, all LSSOs are strongly encouraged to become RSOs.  Your organization may also want to be considered a Multicultural Student Organization through the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.  For more information on OMSA’s Multicultural Student Organizations visit 

To determine whether a particular LSSO is already registered as an RSO, you may search for your organization online at:  Please note, however, that CLI requires each RSO to complete the recognition process each year. Each Spring your RSO will be required to re-register  and in the fall your officers must complete the appropriate annual training.  Full details about requirements for maintaining your organization’s RSO status can be found at Failure to register annually will result in revocation of any funds awarded by the Student Government Finance Committee at the end of the previous academic year. 

RSOs may use many of the facilities of the University free of charge or at reduced cost, hold events on campus, open a CLI account, apply for funding from the various University boards, rent CLI equipment, post notices on campus, conduct certain fundraising activities, and receive tax exemptions and/or discounts on certain purchases. RSOs also have access to a variety of leadership development workshops and trainings for both members and leaders in the organization. For a full list of benefits and responsibilities associated with becoming an RSO please visit Your organization may be eligible to become an RSO if:

  • its activities are consistent with the goals and purposes of the University,
  • it has at least four full-time student members,
  • it is student-run and student-organized, and
  • membership is open to all University students and is not restricted to law students.

 The Committee on Recognized Student Organizations (CORSO) reviews applications and makes recommendations to the Director of CLI for final determination of RSO status. The application process for becoming an RSO includes submitting:

  • an approval/sponsorship form listing your faculty/administration advisor,
  • an Organizational Information Questionnaire, and
  • a short set of bylaws. 

The full application requirements and process can be found at:

C.       Through the University Community Service Center (UCSC)

The UCSC connects students to community service opportunities in Hyde Park and the larger community.  RSOs also may become Community Service RSOs (CSRSOs), provided that their primary purpose is providing services to the community.  Community Service RSOs have access to additional funding and resources through the University Community Service Center.   In addition, the UCSC also funds community service activities for regular RSOs.  Student organizations interested in becoming a CSRSO will need to discuss their plans with the University Community Service Center and have one of their representatives sign the approval/sponsorship form required as part of the application. Student organizations planning a service event may contact Nick Currie, Community Service Advisor in the University Community Service Center, at or 773-753-4483. 

D.       Through the Physical Education Department

Sports clubs are recognized through the Physical Education Department’s Sports Club Office and are not eligible to become RSOs.  The Sports Clubs program is located in the Gerald Ratner Center, Room 141.  For questions about sports clubs, you should contact Brian Bock, Assistant Athletic Director, Intramurals, Recreation, Sport Clubs, at or 773-702-4658. You may also visit for more information.

E.       Sample Bylaws

Whether you are applying to be a Law School, CLI, UCSC, or OMSA student organization, you will be required to draft bylaws for your organization.  CLI provides sample bylaws for RSO applications at Note that bylaws submitted as part of the RSO application process must include the statements that appear in italics on the sample bylaws. Applications with proposed RSO bylaws that do not include these statements will not be considered.

Sample bylaws for UCSC or OMSA student organizations are provided below (you should refer to the sample bylaws found at the CLI website for the most up to date information as this may be updated from time to time):

Article I: Name

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be . . .

Article II: Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be to . . .

Article III: Field of Membership

Section 1. Membership. Voting membership is limited to currently registered University of Chicago students.

Section 2. Eligibility requirements. (RSOs should be open to any interested University students.)

Article IV: Officers

Section 1. Office titles (President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.).

Section 2. Qualifications for each office. Officers must be currently registered students at the University of Chicago.

Section 3. Terms of office.

Section 4. Duties of officers.

Section 5. Provisions for selection / replacement of officers. (How and when? How will power be transferred to new leadership?)

Section 6. Provisions for removal of officers.

Article V: Elections

Section 1. Who may vote? How? Include rules on proxy votes. (Remember: voting membership is limited to currently registered University of Chicago students.)

Article VI: Handling of Funds

Section 1. All funds collected will be deposited in [your student organization]’s University Account with Center for Leadership and Involvement or LSA account.

Section 2. The treasurer shall be the primary officer designated to handle organization finances.

Article VII: Amendments

Section 1. Bylaws may be amended by . . . (Process for proposals? Percentage required to pass?)

Section 2. Provision for advance notice of amendments.