UCLAW Student Printing

The UCLAW Print System is designed to provide access to the law school public printers for all University of Chicago Law School Students.

Students are able to print from their personal PC/MAC laptops to 6 public printers located throughout the law school.

  • To use this feature, users are required to install a small print client used to verify user’s identity on their laptops.
  • All print clients can be downloaded from the web while using the law school’s wired or Wi-Fi network at http://www.law.uchicago.edu/students/life/IT/guides
  • Students have access to their print account from the web while using the law school wired or Wi-Fi network. UCLAW credentials are used to gain access to the web interface. https://totality.uchicago.edu/printing

Students are given a $60.00 printing credit per academic year (August-July).

 Print Charges are:

  • $0.05 per printed side when printing to a B/W printer
  • $0.25 per printed side when printing on 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper to the color printer
  • $0.50 per printed side when printing on 11 x 17-inch paper to the color printer 
  • Duplex print jobs will count as two printed pages.
  • Printing balance does not transfer/stack with balances from previous years. On August 1 of each academic year, an eligible student’s print balance is SET/RESET to $60.00 regardless of the balance from the previous academic year.
  • If a student exceeds the $60.00 free print quota at any time, any subsequent print jobs to the 6 public printers will be automatically denied and deleted.

A Pre-Paid Print Card system allows students to purchase $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 print cards from two different locations throughout the law school in case their print quota is exhausted.

  • Students can redeem the cards at anytime using the print account interface using any web browser.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to manage their own print account and make sure that their balance does not drop to zero.
  • Other print options are possible in the event a student is denied printing due to quota issues. Visit http://printing.uchicago.edu for more information.
  • Students are able to print to 6 public printers while using the wired or Wi-Fi network at the law school
  • Students who are part of student journal organizations have access to their organization’s printers in addition to the 5 public printers
  • Students who are also current Research Assistants have access to additional print queues to prevent their personal accounts from being charged for RA work


  • Pre-Paid print cards should be purchased only when print quota is low for a student’s account. By default, each student is given a free $60.00 print credit allotment per academic year.
  • Print cards are available in $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 pre-paid amounts.
  • Smaller denominations are not available. Larger denominations are available at the Copy Center Location.
  • Print cards purchased during the course of any academic year are valid only until the end of that academic period. Print cards will expire and will not be valid after July 31 of any single academic year.
  • Print cards are NON-REFUNDABLE Once a print card is purchased, it is not refundable even if it is not used. Purchase only the amount needed to ensure printing privileges are not automatically denied when page quota reaches 0.
  • Print cards are NON-TRANSFERABLE When a print card is purchased and the code is entered/redeemed by the student, the entire amount of the pre-paid gift card is then added to a specific student’s account. Paid balance/credits CANNOT be transferred between students’ accounts.
  • Print cards are NON-NEGOTIABLE Pre-paid gift cards can be used EXCLUSIVELY with the UCLAW Print management system only for the purpose of adding page credits to a student’s printing account. Pre-paid print cards have no value and cannot be used in any other function.
  • Any positive quota balance, whether part of the remaining free 1200 page quota OR the result of adding a pre-paid print card, will EXPIRE on July 31st of any single academic year.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS will be issued for any positive print quota balance remaining at the end of any single academic year.
  • Pre-Paid print cards can be purchased from the following locations:
    • Copy Center: This is the only location able to accept credit card payments. Cash & Check also accepted [Regular Business Hours]
    • Library Circulation Desk: Cash & Check only [Evening Hours]

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