Admissions Office Volunteer Form

Please use this form to sign up to (1) email admitted students and/or (2) to participate in Admitted Students Weekend (April 6-8, 2017).

You will be assigned a small group of admitted students to email at the beginning of Spring Quarter. We are planning an "email-a-thon" where we will provide refreshments and you can stop by to eat and send your emails at the beginning of Spring Quarter. The Admissions Office tries to ensure that all admitted students receive an email from a current student.

Admitted Students Weekend (April 6-8, 2017)

We need as many hosts as possible! You don't need an extra bed or bedroom - admits can sleep on couches and we are providing air mattresses. In addition, due to the expanded event offerings available on Thursday, we anticipate that some admitted students will travel to ASW as early as Wednesday evening. Please consider hosting for that day as well.

Many students find that hosting more than one admit is preferable.

Some admitted students travel to ASW with a partner and may like the option of being hosted by a student.

Please note, you can still be a host even if you aren't able to attend any ASW activities. However, we do ask that you help your admitted student determine the best way to get to and from ASW activities throughout the weekend.

This information is helpful because some admitted students specifically request a host in Regents or The Shoreland and it also helps us get an accurate count for shuttle bus transportation.

Although by signing up to be host, you are not committing to drive your guest to and from the Law School each day, this information is helpful to us when matching admits to students who don't live in Hyde Park.

We are only asking for this information to make sure that students do not "double" sign up to host and over-extend their space.