Law Students for Reproductive Justice

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2015-2016 Cari Sietstra Organizing Award Winners

The University of Chicago Law School chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) works to normalize reproductive justice within the law school and to achieve reproductive justice in our community. LSRJ approaches these goals with a focus on visibility, education, and service. Visibility includes consistent representation within the school, through publicity, tabling, and special events, as well as maintenance of our social media presence, which allows us to both curate and deliver reproductive justice news and content, as well as promote our organization's activities. Education includes a regular slate of high-profile speakers on all facets of reproductive justice, but goes well beyond the standard lunch talk to incorporate unique events such as film series and trivia nights. These events allow us to capture the attention of both our classmates and our community. Finally, LSRJ is dedicated to service. We coordinate pro bono opportunities for our members, on a wide rage of legal work and with a wide range of partner organizations. We also hold regular fundraisers, for the benefit legal organizations that work for reproductive justice.


Holly Berlin
Erin Smith-Lanyon


Hope Silberstein

Executive Treasurer

Abigail Majane

Executive Pro Bono Coordinator

Carolyn Auchter

Executive Media and Outreach Coordinator

Hannah Gelbort

2L Representatives

Matt Enloe
Zac Henderson
Ryan Maher

Past President

Kaitlin D. Beck

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