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Name Title Department Email Phone Office Webpage
Afshari, Karen Associate Dean for Administration Administration & Budget 773-834-3790 A207
Alexander, Terrance Audio/Visual Systems Support Technician Information Technology 773-834-9796 K002
Alspaugh, Michael Computer Systems Support Technician Information Technology 773-834-3520 K002
Alvarez, Lisa Marie Admissions & Financial Aid Coordinator Admissions & Financial Aid 773-702-8376 306
Anderson, Will Manager of Electronic Communications Communications 773-702-4782 A105
Badger, Richard I. Associate Dean for Graduate Programs Admissions & Financial Aid 773-834-3865 306I
Bergeron, Candace Student Affairs Administrator Student Affairs 773-702-3164 306ctr
Blood, David Lab Manager Information Technology 773-702-4493 305
Boduch, Shem Associate Director for Systems Administration & User Support Information Technology 773-834-5472 K002
Burton, Joseph Executive Director of the Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics 773-702-3142 A102
Butler, Raegan Assistant Director of Admissions Admissions & Financial Aid 773-834-0094 306B2
Callahan, Maureen Managing Editor, Journal of Law & Economics and Journal of Legal Studies Journals 773-702-9603 A100
Casaleggi, Lois Senior Director, Office of Career Services Career Services 773-702-6705 306M
Circulation Desk Library 773-702-0213
Coppelman, Alison Senior Director, Alumni Relations & Annual Giving External Affairs 773-834-8652 Harper Court, 737
Courtney, Jim Assistant Registrar Student Affairs 773-834-4255 306ctr
Curry, Susan J. Director of Public Interest Law and Policy Career Services 773-702-4558 306K
Daniels, Sean Assistant Facilities & Copy Center 773-795-2662 K008
Dossani, Al Computer Systems Support Technician Information Technology K002
Drummond, Robyn Assistant Director of Annual Giving External Affairs 773-834-5961 Harper Court, 744-11
Duros, Mary Computer Services Manager Information Technology 773-702-0217 K002
DuSell, Christine Director of Operations Administration & Budget 773-702-7841 A205
Engleman, Michelle Assistant Director, Young Alumni Relations External Affairs 773-834-7054 Harper Court, 744-09
Fabbioli, Annina Associate Dean for External Affairs External Affairs 773-834-5429 A202
Fitzpatrick, Brian Dean’s Office Administrator Dean's Office 773-702-8988 A201
Fruland, Ann Assistant Director of Development Communications External Affairs 773-702-8175 Harper Court, 744-15
Furwa, Holly Administrative & Events Specialist Events, Conferences & Programs 773-834-1380 A208
Gardner, Amy M. Dean of Students Student Affairs 773-702-3955 306F
Geloso, Samantha Clerkship Coordinator Career Services 773-702-7756 306
Gillespie, Becky Assistant Director of Communications Communications 773-834-3402 A105
Ginsburg, Tom Deputy Dean Dean's Office 773-834-3084 A203
Glover, Stacy Senior Admissions Coordinator Admissions & Financial Aid 773-834-4427 306ctr
Goodman, Lucienne Events Manager Events, Conferences & Programs 773-702-0877 A204
Grunst, Carolyn Senior Associate Director of Development External Affairs 773-834-7799 Harper Court, 744-6
Gulbransen, David Director of Information Technology Information Technology 773-702-5866 K002
Harney, Mary Senior Fiscal Assistant Administration & Budget (773) 702-9482 A208
Harstad, Bob Facilities Manager Facilities & Copy Center 773-702-9572, 773-724-7907 (cell) K007
Hinko, Dawn Executive Assistant Dean's Office 773-834-3583 A211
Horonzy, Maureen Senior Associate Director, Alumni Relations External Affairs 773-834-4411 Harper Court, 744-2
Huang, Wen News Officer, University Communications News Office Communications (773) 702-8356 5801 South Ellis Avenue, Suite 120
Jennings, Rachel Associate Director of Career Services Career Services 773-834-7579 306P
Jennings, Sharon Production Manager, Journal of Law & Economics and Journal of Legal Studies Journals 773-702-2855 A100
Johnson, Linda Receptionist Administration & Budget (773) 702-9494
Kendall, Robbie Administrator, Corporate and Legal Affairs Clinical Programs 773-834-4547
Kepchar, Katheryn Faculty Assistant Faculty Assistants 773-702-9577 512
Kirk, Dustin Computer Systems Support Technician Information Technology 773-834-5413 K002
Koch, Roberto Registrar Student Affairs 773-834-5315 306H
Leslie, Jeff Director of Clinical & Experiential Learning Clinical Programs 773-834-9903 K206
Lewis, Sheri Director of the D'Angelo Law Library Library 773-702-9614 205
Lindemann, Laurel Senior Associate Director, Development External Affairs 773-702-9629 Harper Court, 744-3
Mahoney, Maggie Development Associate External Affairs 773-834-4095 Harper Court, 744-8
Mandel Clinic Clinical Programs 773-702-9611
Mansuri, Shehnaz Manager, Pro Bono Services Initiative Career Services 773-834-5994 306Q1
Memmott, Ragan Senior Associate Director, Major Gifts External Affairs 773-702-4530 Harper Court, 744-5
Miles, Thomas J. Dean, Clifton R. Musser Professor of Law and Economics, and Walter Mander Research Scholar Dean's Office 773-702-9495 A210
Miller, Morgen Research Professional Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics 773-834-6631 A100
Miller, Rochelle Project Assistant Facilities & Copy Center 773-702-6947 K007
Nagorsky, Marsha Ferziger Associate Dean for Communications & Lecturer in Law Communications 773-834-5958 A105
Nguyen, Aican International Programs Director Student Affairs 773-702-0184 508
Paciorek, Zachary Assistant Director, Annual Giving External Affairs 773-702-5158 Harper Court 744-7
Packard, Adrienne Associate Director of Student Affairs Student Affairs 773-702-6769 306G
Parins, Claire Director of Academic Publications Journals 773-702-9593 006A
Pellettiere, Joseph Faculty Assistant Faculty Assistants 773-702-9567 512
Perry, Ann K. Associate Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid Admissions & Financial Aid 773-834-4425 306E
Petty, Kevin Associate Director, Admissions & Financial Aid Admissions & Financial Aid 773-834-4428 306D
Reese, Molly Faculty Services Manager Administration & Budget 773-834-2819 A208
Reference Desk Library 773-702-9631
Ross, Robin Executive Director of the Doctoroff Business Leadership Program Doctoroff Business Leadership Program 773-834-4560 A101
Schroeter, Jacklen External Affairs Administrator External Affairs 773-834-3341 A201
Scott, Curtrice Associate Director, Coase-Sandor Institute Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics 773-702-0654 A100
Shane, Melissa Robbins Interim Director of Development External Affairs 773-702-8937 Harper Court, 736
Staab, Susan Director, Office of Career Services Career Services 773-834-1272 306Q2
Stamler-Goody, Claire Communications Coordinator Communications 773-702-3326 A105
Steele, Alex Senior Associate Director of Major Gifts External Affairs 773-702-5971 Harper Court, 744-10
Sterba, Sunny S. Administrative and Instructional Support Specialist Student Affairs 773-834-3223 306ctr
Stone, Emma Thurber Chief Research Assistant for Judge Posner and Professor Landes Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics 773-702-9608 611
Wehrs, Lorrie Faculty Assistant Faculty Assistants 773-702-0303 512
Wellin, Erin Director of Conferences and Programs Events, Conferences & Programs 773-834-4326 A206
Wideman-Togami, Zachary Career Services Communications Coordinator Career Services 773-702-9625 306ctr
Willard, Abbie Associate Dean for Career Services & Policy Initiatives Career Services 773-834-4003 306N
Williams, Reggie Photoduplication/Mailroom Supervisor Facilities & Copy Center 773-795-2662 K008
Woo, Paul Director, Office of Career Services Career Services 773-834-0918 306L
Wylie, Courtney O. Associate Director of Student Affairs & Programs Student Affairs 773-834-4279 306B1
Zarfes, David Director of Lecturer Recruitment Dean's Office 773-834-7751 A209
Zhang, Charles Research Professional Coase-Sandor Institute for Law & Economics 773-702-7162 A100