Funding 101

LSA Annual Budget

Every LSA organization must submit an annual budget request in the Spring Quarter of each year.  The leaders of new student organizations must attend an LSA meeting and propose their requested budget, which should be as detailed as reasonably possible.  Every student organization that receives LSA funding must have at least one event per quarter; failure to meet this requirement will result in the student organization losing 1/3 of its annual LSA budget.


As long as your organization has adequate LSA funding, the Law School will handle reimbursements of food orders placed directly with the Law School. Members who incur out-of-pocket expenses for an organization will need to complete and submit a Direct Payment Voucher (DPV) and submit receipts to the LSA Treasurer within 2 weeks of the expenses being incurred.  Copies of DPVs are available in the mail folder of the LSA Treasurer and at the desk of the Student Affairs Administrator. Tape the original receipt to a sheet of paper and paper clip it to the DPV.  Place the completed DPV (do not complete the account information portion) and the original receipt in the LSA Treasurer's mail folder.  Retain a photocopy of the receipt for your records.  The LSA Treasurer will review the expense and, if approved, submit it to the Student Affairs Administrator for reimbursement.  The reimbursement process can take several weeks.

If your organization is incurring a large expense, please discuss the expense with the Student Affairs Administrator before incurring the expense to avoid incurring a non-reimbursable expense or having a lengthy wait before reimbursement. 

Instructions for completing the DPV and sample DPV are available here.

Please refer to the 2011-2012 Student Org Handbook for a complete list of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses.

Supplementary Funding

If your student organization needs supplementary funding, there are several options you can explore:

  • Consider cosponsoring your event with another LSA student organization
  • Apply for funding through the University Student Government
    • Your group must be a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) to apply for University Student Government funding
  • University Community Service Center (UCSC) allocates money for community service orientated groups, regardless of RSO status
    • Funding body meets twice a quarter, on the 3rd and 7th weeks
  • Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) Allocation Board
  • Fundraising or soliciting law firm donations
    • The leaders of your organization must contact the Office of the Dean of Students before pursuing any donations
    • Organizations who fail to contact the Office of the Dean of Students risk losing Law School funding
  • Office of Graduate Affairs
  • Office of the Dean of Students 
  • LSA contingency fund
    • LSA has a very small contingency fund, so we ask that you explore as many other options as possible before coming to LSA for supplementary funding

For more information, please refer to the 2011-2012 Student Org Handbook.