Big Sibling Program

Hosted by the Law Women’s Caucus, the Law School’s Big Sibling Program matches second- or third-year students with one or two incoming first-year students. All students are invited to participate in what we hope will be a rewarding year-long program. Second and third year students who volunteer to serve as Big Siblings make themselves available to talk with their Little Sibs about studying, exam taking and getting to know Hyde Park and address any other questions that new law students may have.  

The Big Sibling Program is flexibly structured so that Big/Little Sibs can make of it what they'd like; many past participants had lunch with their Big/Little Sibs every few weeks, while others found it helpful to meet once a quarter. 

Last school year, the Big Sibling Program hosted several events to provide an opportunity for pairs to interact. Events included:

  • Big Sibling Coffee Mess
  • Big Sibling Wine Mess
  • Subway Coupons
  • Food Truck Coupons