Did You Know?

Let the Library Help with Movie Night

You're leaving the D'Angelo Law Library with books and a half-written paper for Torts.

Did you remember to pick up "Kill Bill"?

Tucked into a corner in the Reserve Room, the law library has shelves and shelves of DVDs that students can check out to give their brains a break from scholarly pursuits.

They can catch up on past seasons of the television shows "Weeds" and "Arrested Development," or take a more worldly turn with movies from Spanish director Pedro Almodovar.

Some of the most popular recent DVD checkouts have been "The Wire," "Cidade de Deus," "The Godfather," "Chinatown," and "Proof," which is proof, indeed, that our students have excellent taste in television and film.

Many of the DVDs were purchased through the Muriel and Maurice Fulton Law Library Fund, which also generously provides magazines for the law library's Reading Room. A list of titles is available on the D'Angelo Law Library's website.