Professionalism and Leadership Day/Second City Training

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke greeted the students.
1Ls took the oath of professionalism from Justice Burke.
Professionalism and Leadership Day was September 26.
Alumni talked about networking and building mentoring relationships.
The 1Ls enjoyed the final day of Orientation. Classes began four days later.
A student spoke with Michael Andolina and Darryl Bradford after their panel.
Students had the chance to share lunch and conversation with alumni.
Dozens of alumni participated in Orientation, including Kristen Seeger, '02.
Jeff Anderson of Chicago Booth talked to the students about likability.
Successful people exude both warmth and competence, Anderson said.
2Ls and 3Ls spoke on a panel about being a professional in law school.
The student panel was lighthearted and humorous.
On Sept. 24, the 1Ls got to goof off a bit with Second City improv training.
The improv games were meant to teach eye contact and other important skills.
Students communicated nonverbally to line up in order of birthday.
In one game, students tried to identify changes in their partner's appearance.
Students had to get creative to make letters out of their bodies. This is a "W."

Professionalism and Leadership Day photographs by Beth Rooney. Second City training photographs by Lloyd DeGrane. Read about these Orientation activities.