Reassessing the State and Local Government Toolkit

Thursday, June 18, 2009 (All day) - Saturday, June 20, 2009 (All day)

"Reassessing the State and Local Government Toolkit" will be held at the Law School on June 18–20, 2009. This conference is being organized by Richard Epstein, Lee Fennell, and Julie Roin and is jointly sponsored by the University of Chicago Law School John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics and the University of Chicago Law Review.

The conference will focus on the legal, political and economic implications of various techniques that are (or that might be) used by states and localities to achieve economic and social ends.  Participants will address questions arising in contexts ranging from economic development to education to land use to housing policy.  Conference papers will be published in a symposium issue of the University of Chicago Law Review.


Friday, June 19

8:00–8:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30–8:45 Welcome/ Introduction

8:45–9:35 Neither "Creatures of the State" nor "Accidents of Geography": The Consolidation of American Public School Districts in the Twentieth Century
William A. Fischel

9:35–10:25 Affordable Private Education and the Middle Class City
Nicole Garnett

10:25–10:40 Break

10:40–11:30 The Past and Future of Local Industrial Policy
Richard C. Schragger

11:30–12:20 Henry George’s Revenge: The Steep Costs of Using Non-Cumulative Zoning to Preserve Land for Urban Manufacturing
Roderick Hills

12:20–2:00 Lunch

2:00–2:50 Entrenching Environmentalism: Private Conservation Easements Over Public Land
Christopher Serkin

2:50–3:40 Community Benefit Agreements: A New Local Government Tool or Another Variation on the Exactions Theme?
Vicki Been

3:40–3:55 Break

3:55–4:45 The Timing of Elections
Christopher R. Berry and Jacob E. Gersen

4:45–5:35 Controlling Residential Stakes
Lee Anne Fennell and Julie Roin

Saturday, June 20

8:30–8:45 Continental Breakfast

8:45–9:35 Who Should Authorize a Commuter Tax?
Clayton Gillette

9:35–10:25 How to Undermine Tax Increment Financing: The Lessons of ProLogis v. City of Chicago
Richard A. Epstein

10:25–10:40 Break

10:40–11:30 Overcoming Local Tragic Choices by Voting
Thomas Merrill

11:30–12:20 The Most Popular Tool: Tax Increment Financing and Local Government
Richard Briffault

12:20 Box Lunch

Julie A. Roin
Lee Fennell
Richard A. Epstein