Upcoming Coase Lecture Continues a Tradition

Upcoming Coase Lecture Continues a Tradition
Lynn Safranek
Law School Office of Communications
January 19, 2011

The Law School has traditions aimed at welcoming new students, celebrating the middle of the school year, and raising money for student summer internships. Next week students will partake in an annual tradition that was established to honor one of the Law School’s most celebrated faculty members.

The Ronald H. Coase Lecture in Law and Economics features a Law School professor delivering a law-and-economics themed talk that presupposes no background knowledge on the topic. Although anyone can attend, the lecture is intended to give 1L students an understandable sense of law and economics’ techniques and subjects.

Speakers are drawn from the Law School’s faculty and have included such greats as Professors William Landes and Kenneth Dam, Judge Frank Easterbrook, and even Ro