Aside from their academic work, the Law School's faculty often write for leading national and international newspapers and magazines, and are even more frequently consulted by journalists from these news outlets seeking explanation of and insights into complicated legal matters. This page catalogs a sampling of articles by and about our faculty; additional articles containing quotes from the faculty are regularly posted to the Law School's Twitter feed.

We are proud that our faculty writes on a wide variety of topics from a diversity of viewpoints. No individual article represents the views of the Law School or the full membership of the Law School community, and we are proud of the range of intellectual inquiry represented here and in our faculty's scholarly work.

Journalists who wish to speak with our faculty are encouraged to visit our media inquiries page for more information.

Latest News

July 25, 2014
Law School Office of Communications
New Book Tells of Law School Alumna’s Freedom Ride
by Meredith Heagney
July 22, 2014
Siegler on MSNBC: ATF Targeting of Minorities in Sting Operations
"Report suggests ATF targeting minorities in sting operations"
by Jose Diaz Balart
July 22, 2014
Chicago Tonight
Ben-Shahar Discusses Disclosure Laws on Chicago Tonight
"The Failure of Mandated Disclosure"
by Kristen Thometz
July 22, 2014
Chicago Tonight
Case Discusses LGBT Non-Discrimination Executive Order on Chicago Tonight
"President Obama Signs LGBT Non-Discrimination Order"
July 18, 2014
Washington Post
Nou: What it is Like for An Agency to Sort Through Public Comments
"The FCC just received a million net-neutrality comments. Here’s what it’s like to sort through them all."
by Jennifer Nou
July 18, 2014
Chicago Sun-Times
Futterman on New Transparency in Chicago Police Abuse Allegations
"Police Abuse Allegations Finally Go Public"
by Craig Futterman, Jamie Kalven, Jon Loevy and Flint Taylor
July 16, 2014
Law School Office of Communications
Stevens, ’14, Earns Copyright Fellowship
by Meredith Heagney
July 14, 2014
Huffington Post
Stone: Religious Tests for Public Office and the Constitution
"Religious Tests for Public Office and the Constitution"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
July 14, 2014
University of Chicago News Office
Q&A on Child Immigration Crisis with Professor Maria Woltjen
by Wen Huang
July 9, 2014
Huffington Post
Ginsburg on How Soccer Games Should Be Ended
"Ending Soccer Games: A Modest Proposal"
by Tom Ginsburg