Stephen Richer '15 Reflects on Republican Losses in Forbes

Obama Zombies (The Youth Vote) March On
Stephen Richer '15
November 7, 2012

Don’t get too mad at me for this title.  It simply refers to one of my favorite Onion videos — the sad narrative of young Obama campaigners who lost meaning in their lives after the election (see here).

But the zombies awoke from their post-2008 slumber and once again went to battle for President Obama.


The best reports I could find at 2:48 AM (EST) put the youth vote at 60% Obama, 36% Romney.  (See CIRCLE and Tyler Kingkade at HuffPo.)

This doesn’t match Obama’s 2008 youth performance of 66%, but it’s still pretty awesome when compared with past elections.  Kerry won the youth vote in 2004 with 54% over Bush’s 45%.  In 2000, Gore barely eeeked out at a win with the youth vote.  Clinton took the youth vote in both of his elections, but even in 1996, he only won about 54 percent of the under 30 vote.  Republicans won the youth vote in 1984 and 1988.