Epstein to Retire in 2010, Taking New Title and Role

Epstein to Retire in 2010, Taking New Title and Role
November 17, 2008

Epstein to Retire in 2010, Taking New Title and Role
In recognition of his formal and planned retirement from the University of Chicago Law School at the end of 2010, Richard Epstein will take on a new title and assume a new role. As the James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law Emeritus, he will become a Senior Lecturer at the Law School, where he expects to teach and work in the years to come.   Epstein has also accepted a tenured position at The New York University Law School.  There he shall be close to his children, all of whom live in New York City.

"I am most grateful to have this opportunity after retirement to continue my close association with the University of Chicago Law School, which for the past 37 years has been the love of my professional life. I hope to remain part of the University of Chicago community and in my new role at NYU Law School to bring two great institutions closer together." Epstein will also continue on as the Peter and Kirsten Bedford Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

"Richard Epstein is a force of nature, and so ‘retirement’ is likely to be a status rather than a state of mind. We already miss having Richard here year-round, but continue to be glad that he still enjoys spending time with us as he enters this new phase of his career," says Saul  Levmore, Dean of the Law School. "Richard is one of a kind. Our students are lucky to take his courses and benefit from his mentoring.  Inasmuch as he will maintain a home in Hyde Park, we look forward to being his colleagues -- and of course disagreeing with him on occasion -- at the  Law School for many years to come."

Professor Epstein has taught at the Law School since 1972 and served as interim Dean in 2001. He has taught over thirty different courses and seminars, including every course but Elements in the first year curriculum, and is one of the world's most prolific legal scholars. Professor Epstein will teach Environmental Law this Spring at the Law School.

Richard A. Epstein