Judge Posner Writes Faster Than Publishers Can Publish

Judge Posner Writes Faster Than Publishers Can Publish
Christopher Shea
February 24, 2009

How fast does the prolific law professor and appellate judge Richard Posner write? Faster than the Harvard University Press can edit.

Posner, as is his wont, has jumped on the news and produced a book, this time about the financial crisis. It's called "A Failure of Capitalism," and Harvard expects it to be big, as academic books go. Long known as an skeptic about government interference in economic transactions, Posner "basically calls into question his own long-standing views on capitalism and the free market," according to the Harvard University Press publicist Mary Kate Maco. The catalog copy for the book says Posner argues that the response to the crisis from both government and the economic profession has been inadequate, and he calls for new regulation of financial markets.

Richard A. Posner