Nicholas Stephanopoulos, Lecturers Schneider & Murray Named to NLJ's "Chicago 40 Under 40"

Chicago's 40 Under 40
National Law Journal
July 2, 2013

Nicholas Stephanopoulos, 33

University of Chicago Law School

With all the legal ferment surrounding voting rights, campaign finance and legislative redistricting, Nicholas Stephanopoulos has kept busy since joining the University of Chicago Law School faculty in 2012. His research lies on the cutting edge of modern legal theory concerning everything from gerrymandering to voter access.

"I've always been fascinated by politics. I see election law as the place where law and politics come together," he said.

In light of the Supreme Court's June 25 ruling gutting the enforcement mechanism of the federal Voting Rights Act, Stephanopoulos' latest work involves studying how the outcome would affect minorities in the South. He's written frequently for newspapers and online publications about election law...

Mark Schneider, 39

Assistant U.S. attorney

Mark Schneider's low-key style and sharp legal mind quickly propelled him to the job of criminal division appellate chief in the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago. According to Schneider, the job goes beyond supervising appellate litigation — he also advises investigative and prosecutorial teams on ways to avoid appeals. "That's one of the reasons I enjoy the current job — being able to work with the people here in a low-key, behind-the-scenes type of way," he said.

Acting U.S. Attorney Gary Shapiro praised Schneider's legal talent and lack of pretension. He possesses "a blend of judgment, smarts and approachability that makes him a sought-after resource for the prosecutors in our office," Shapiro said.

Schneider was co-lead prosecutor against former CIA officer John Kiriakou, sentenced to 30 months in prison in January for revealing another agent's identity. He pleaded guilty in October 2012...

Brian Murray, 38

Jones Day

A chemical engineering major at the University of Notre Dame, Brian Murray switched to law because he wanted to do "problem solving that was more people-based." By founding the Issues and Appeals team in Jones Day's Chicago office and maintaining a rich pro bono caseload, Murray does just that. He was only 29 years old when tapped for the appellate job. He was working in the Washington office at the time but, originally from Ohio, wanted to return to the Midwest.

It is rare to let a young associate build a practice group, but Murray's leadership and analytical skills stood out, said Daniel Reidy, partner-in-charge of Jones Day's Chicago office. "We knew how talented he was."

Murray has grown his team from just one member — himself — to six attorneys. They provide early-stage advice to litigators in Chicago and specialized knowledge on other Jones Day cases with ties to the region. For instance, Murray won a dismissal on forum non conveniens ground in July 2012 when a New Jersey plaintiff filed a class action in Illinois against Abercrombie & Fitch affiliate Hollister Co...