'Neighbors' Gets Law Students Involved in Local Community

Neighbors Challenges Young Students’ Preconceptions About Law, Political Process
Sarah Galer
University of Chicago News Office
February 19, 2009

One recent Saturday morning, a group of 16 University Law students and grade schoolers from Washington Park’s Betsy Ross Elementary School gathered in Classroom V of the Law School to discuss the United States’ two-party political system.

The participants were all part of Neighbors, the Law School’s primary community service program, which reaches out to neighborhood schools.

“The Neighbors program aims to give Chicago Law School students the opportunity to get involved in and give back to the community we live in but may not know much about,” said Neighbors President Mary Duby. “We strive to help local Hyde Park students develop an enthusiasm for learning inside and outside the classroom and help them make the most of their educational opportunities. The program is eye-opening, rewarding and, of course, a fun diversion from law for all the UC students who get involved.”