Malani Discusses Affordable Care Act Ruling on WBEZ (#UChiLawSCt)

Live Affordable Care Act updates from Eight Forty-Eight
Caroline O'Donovan and Kate Dries
June 28, 2012

By 10 a.m. CT/11 a.m. ET Thursday morning, we’ll know what fate President Obama’s Affordable Care Act met with in the Supreme Court. The one thing everybody knows is that anything could happen — the justices could strike down all of it, none of it, or some of it. Eight Forty-Eight will be live throughout the hour, previewing the announcement and responding to the decision. Scroll down to read live updates as the ruling develops.

Prof. Anup Malani is a legal expert who specializes in health law. He’ll be on hand to turn the legalese into plain English as the opinions are released. Malani is a professor at both the University of Chicago Law School and the Pritzker School of Medicine, as well as an editor of the Forum for Health Economics and Policy. For his part, Malani predicts that the court will strike down the mandate but retain the rest of the law, although he did warn that if the court strikes the entire law, the government will have lost between $14 and $20 billion in preparation for the bill. Tune in