Levmore Congratulates Former Faculty Member Elena Kagan

A Note from Dean Saul Levmore to Elena Kagan, former Professor at the University of Chicago Law School
Saul Levmore
Law School Office of Communications
January 5, 2009

Dear Elena,

Congratulations on the pending announcement of your nomination as our nation’s Solicitor General. The country’s gain is a temporary loss for the legal academy, though we must try to think in larger terms. You have been a great colleague as a Dean, and before that as a faculty colleague at Chicago, and so we at the University of Chicago Law School take special pride in your success and accomplishments, past and future. I should locate the spot here, where you and Barack Obama first met, and install a marker to celebrate an acquaintance that will prove fruitful for the nation.

Best of luck and I hope to see you soon,


Saul Levmore