Leiter Guested on WHY? Radio on Sunday, September 12

Leiter Guested on WHY? Radio
University of Chicago Law School
September 11, 2010

Professor Brian Leiter was a guest on the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life's Why? Radio on Sunday, September 12, 2010. The program was broadcast live at 5:00pm Central time, and can be listened to on the internet. The topic for the broadcast is "The Profession of Philosophy Redux" and the description from the show is below: 

What is the difference between a philosopher and a philosophy professor? What does the world think a philosopher is and how does this square with the philosopher’s own self image? The next episode of Why? looks closely at the philosopher’s job, exploring both the perennial question of its relevance and the tremendously competitive hiring process that almost every professional philosopher must endure. Guest Brian Leiter gave an insider’s look at the profession of philosophy, and a discussion about the future of the discipline: where is philosophy now, how has it changed, and how will it evolve over the next decades?

Brian Leiter