Las Vegas Review-Journal on Geof Stone's Talk at UNLV

Civil libertarian: NSA is not the bad guy here!
Steve Sebelius
Las Vegas Review-Journal
April 7, 2014

Law professor Geoffrey Stone was perfectly prepared to believe the National Security Agency was the bad guy after former contractor Edward Snowden leaked details of classified surveillance programs.

But then he got a call from an ex-student, who just happened to have a job in the White House, with a request from a man Stone had once hired to work at the University of Chicago Law School, who just happened to have been elected president of the United States.

And the president had a request: Would Stone serve on a panel to examine the NSA program, and make recommendations on how it could be done better?

Stone said yes. And 4-1/2 months later, after long days spent in Washington, D.C. and Chicago, working inside Secure Comparmented Information Facilities (SCIFs), Stone and his fellow panelists had 40 unanimous recommendationsand a newfound respect for organizations such as the National Security Agency.

Geoffrey R. Stone