Geof Stone, "Inside the President's Review Group: Protecting Security and Liberty"

Inside the President's Review Group: Protecting Security and Liberty
Geoffrey R. Stone
Huffington Post
December 21, 2013

On August 27, President Obama met in the White House Situation Room with the five members of his newly appointed Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies.

The members were Richard Clarke, a former member of the National Security Council; Michael Morell, a former Deputy Director and Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency; Cass Sunstein, a former Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs; Peter Swire, a former Chief Counselor for Privacy in the Office of Management and Budget; and me.

The immediate backdrop for the President's appointment of the Review Group was a series of unauthorized disclosures of classified information involving foreign intelligence surveillance by the National Security Agency. Our charge was to submit a formal report to the President by December 15, 2013, advising him on how the United States can better employ its foreign intelligence surveillance capabilities in a way that effectively protects our national security, while at the same time respecting our deep national commitment to privacy and civil liberties and maintaining public trust in the Intelligence Community.

Geoffrey R. Stone