Geof Stone, "Conversation With a "Gay-Buster"

Conversation With a "Gay-Buster"
Geoffrey R. Stone
The Huffington Post
April 10, 2013

After a recent Huff Post on the rights of gays and lesbians, I received an email from an activist opponent of same-sex marriage and proponent of the notion that homosexuals are defective people who must be "fixed." I have had exchanges with this person in the past. I decided to share this exchange. The "gay-buster" is G-B; I am GRS.

G-B: Homosexuality is abnormal, treatable. The truth will out. See;;;

GRS: So, here are my thoughts, in brief, on this subject. For all of human history, until the end of the nineteenth century, people who engaged in homosexual sex were not thought to be different from others, except in their conduct. Some people like oral sex, some don't. Some people like homosexual sex, some don't. On that understanding, homosexual conduct was merely a variant of sodomy (which included pretty much all nonreproductive sex), and because it was simply a choice it was easy to condemn people who engaged in homosexual sex as sinners and criminals, just as one might condemn burglars, rapists or murderers. In the late nineteenth century, however, psychologists began to understand that homosexuality was an orientation with which some people were born, and suddenly the idea of the "homosexual" as a type of person, rather than as a person who engaged in a particular kind of sex, came into being.

Geoffrey R. Stone