Aside from their academic work, the Law School's faculty often write for leading national and international newspapers and magazines, and are even more frequently consulted by journalists from these news outlets seeking explanation of and insights into complicated legal matters. This page catalogs a sampling of articles by and about our faculty; additional articles containing quotes from the faculty are regularly posted to the Law School's Twitter feed.

We are proud that our faculty writes on a wide variety of topics from a diversity of viewpoints. No individual article represents the views of the Law School or the full membership of the Law School community, and we are proud of the range of intellectual inquiry represented here and in our faculty's scholarly work.

Journalists who wish to speak with our faculty are encouraged to visit our media inquiries page for more information.

Latest News

May 24, 2016
IJ Entrepreneurship Clinic Hosts Conference for Small Businesses Seeking Expansion
"Entrepreneurship Clinic Hosts Conference for Small Businesses Seeking Expansion"
by Annesa Lacey
May 23, 2016
Law School Communications
The Trouble with Anger and Forgiveness
by Becky Beaupre Gillespie
May 23, 2016
Chicago Sun-Times
Futterman on Chicago Officals Admitting 'Code of Silence'
"City admits ‘code of silence,’ but Rahm may still have to testify"
by Fran Spielman
May 23, 2016
Myanmar Times
Flores on New Reporting Rules for US Investors in Myanmar: "a step in the wrong direction"
"US hikes investment ceiling for Myanmar reporting "
by Steve Gilmore
May 23, 2016
Chicago Tonight
Ben-Shahar on Chicago Tonight: Will Americans Digest New Nutrition Labels?
"Will Americans Digest New Nutrition Labels?"
by Alexandra Silets
May 20, 2016
Inside Higher Ed
Professor Martha Nussbaum on Saving the Liberal Arts
"Saving the Liberal Arts"
by Colleen Flaherty
May 19, 2016
Law School Communications
Inside the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals: How Collegiality Works
by Maura Levine, ’18
May 19, 2016
New York Times
New York Times Features Law School's Combat Clemency Project
"A Lonely Mission to Pardon U.S. Soldiers Who Killed Civilians"
by Dave Phillips
May 18, 2016
US News
Interview: Geoffrey Stone on NSA Surveillance and the Pitfalls of Snowden's Defense
"Snowden and the NSA: Behind the Scenes"
by James Warren
May 17, 2016
Law School Communications
A Broader Grasp of Environmental Law
by Claire Stamler-Goody