Dean Schill Participates in Summit on Collaboration Between Chinese & U.S. Law Schools

U.S., Chinese law deans collaborate on rule-of-law project
Karen Sloan
National Law Journal
July 7, 2011

A group of law deans from the U.S. and China are teaming up to examine how to improve legal education in both countries, and how law schools can be leveraged to improve the rule of law.

Ten deans from Chinese law schools and nine deans from U.S. law schools met in Beijing in June for a two-day summit, and formed a joint committee to find ways to collaborate. The goal is to promote the integrity of the legal profession, according to a formal statement adopted by the committee.

A working group of five deans from each country will look for ways to foster "multilateral exchanges between law schools, and to explore new initiatives that focus on substantial areas of law such as public health, the environment, and leadership," according to a written statement issued by the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. Penn law dean Michael Fitts organized the U.S. contingent at the urging of Jon Huntsman, who was the U.S. ambassador to China at the time.

Michael H. Schill