Craig Futterman: Second Draft of Chicago Police Use of Force Policy is a "Significant Walk Back" of Limits

When Can Chicago Police Use Force? Deadline To Weigh In Is Thursday
Heather Cherone
March 16, 2017

A revised draft policy on officers' use of force now emphasizes the "sanctity of life" and requires officers to use force that is "reasonable and proportional," Supt. Eddie Johnson said.


University of Chicago Law Professor Craig Futterman said the second draft of the rules governing how officers are allowed to use force is a "significant walk back" of limits on how officers can use physical force from the first draft, which was released in October.

"This signals that it is back to business as usual in Chicago," said Futterman, who is a frequent critic of the police department. "And that means the violation of the civil rights of the most vulnerable."

Craig B. Futterman