Aside from their academic work, the Law School's faculty often write for leading national and international newspapers and magazines, and are even more frequently consulted by journalists from these news outlets seeking explanation of and insights into complicated legal matters. This page catalogs a sampling of articles by and about our faculty; additional articles containing quotes from the faculty are regularly posted to the Law School's Twitter feed.

We are proud that our faculty writes on a wide variety of topics from a diversity of viewpoints. No individual article represents the views of the Law School or the full membership of the Law School community, and we are proud of the range of intellectual inquiry represented here and in our faculty's scholarly work.

Journalists who wish to speak with our faculty are encouraged to visit our media inquiries page for more information.

Latest News

February 14, 2016
ABC7 Chicago
Lecturer Michael Brody, '83, One of Scalia's First Clerks, Talks About the Justice
"Justice Scalia Remembered in Chicago"
February 14, 2016
Bloomberg View
Cass Sunstein Remembers His Experiences on the Faculty with Justice Scalia
"The Scalia I Knew Will Be Greatly Missed"
by Cass R. Sunstein
February 14, 2016
The Daily Beast
Geoffrey Stone's Remembrance of the Antonin Scalia He Knew
"Tough, Brilliant, and Kind: The Antonin Scalia I Knew"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
February 13, 2016
Chicago Tribune
Justice Antonin Scalia, 1936-2016, former faculty member
"Scalia remembered locally for his belief in original intent of 'Founding Fathers'"
by Carlos Sadovi
February 11, 2016
Law School Communications
What 'The Birth of a Nation' Taught Us About Law
by Chinwe Chukwuogo, ’18
February 11, 2016
Jane Dailey: 2016 Presidential Race Highlights Cultural Shifts
"2016 Presidential Race Highlights Cultural Shifts"
February 10, 2016
Law School Communications
Charlie Baser, '16, Named February's Pro Bono Volunteer of the Month
by Stephanie Spiro, '16
February 3, 2016
Law School Communications
Developing the Grit to Lead
by By Alison Frost, ’18
February 3, 2016
Eric Posner: Bank Rules Need Cost-Benefit Test
"Warren's Wrong: Bank Rules Need Cost-Benefit Test"
by Eric Posner