Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Interviews Dean Schill

U. of C.'s Schill a 24/7 dean
Jenn Ballard
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
May 24, 2013

The parents of Michael H. Schill gave their son three career options โ€” medicine, dentistry or law.

Without a strong aptitude for science or math, Schill decided not to pursue a medical license.

"And the sound of a drill makes me scream, so being a dentist wasn't going to be a real option," said Schill, 54.

"I like to talk and argue, so being a lawyer was it. As early as I can remember, I was going to be lawyer."

In the latest of an occasional Q&A series with the deans of Illinois law schools, Schill โ€” who became the University of Chicago Law School dean in 2010 โ€” discussed his leadership traits, the future of American legal education and how to adjust the school to those changes.

Law Bulletin: What is the best part about being a law school dean?

Schill: The most important thing is educating young lawyers because they are the future of this country. It is an enormous responsibility we have here to do a good job in that education. Knowing we are having an impact on future generations of leaders is an amazing responsibility.

Michael H. Schill