Bill Watson '14's NYTimes Letter to Editor on Law School Curricula

How Much Law School Is Enough?
Bill Watson '14
The New York Times
January 25, 2013

Make Law Schools Earn a Third Year,” by Daniel B. Rodriguez and Samuel Estreicher (Op-Ed, Jan. 18), argued that legal education should be reduced from the traditional three years to two. Even as a second-year law student (saddled with loans and still not in sight of graduation), I find this effort to make law school more affordable misguided.

In any law school, the first year is devoted entirely to broad survey courses. The second and third, by contrast, combine more of the same with opportunities for practical experience and interdisciplinary study. Compressing these years into one would require the retention of the survey courses (needed to pass the bar) and the reduction or elimination of the rest. A result would be all breadth and no depth.