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February 9, 2017
"University of Chicago Professor Files Legal Brief on Travel Ban"
by Odette Yousef
February 8, 2017
The Chicago Tribune
"Crying wolf over Neil Gorsuch"
by Dennis J. Hutchinson
February 8, 2017
Huffington Post
"Trump, The Supreme Court, And The Rights Of Gays And Lesbians"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
February 7, 2017
Whatever Source Derived
"The Deep Incoherence of Trump’s Executive Order on Regulation"
by Jonathan S. Masur
February 7, 2017
The Volokh Conspiracy
"Stephen Sachs on the Wrong Way to Criticize Originalism"
by William Baude
February 7, 2017
"Washington v. Trump"
by Eric Posner
February 7, 2017
"Standing, Flip-Flops, and 4–4 Splits"
by Daniel Hemel
February 6, 2017
Law School Communications
by Luke Sperduto, ’18
February 6, 2017
The Brian Lehrer Show
"Opposing Arguments on Immigration Order"
February 6, 2017
"If Neil Gorsuch Joins Supreme Court, That Could Spell Trouble For Public-Sector Unions"
by Dan Weissmann