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February 27, 2005
The Boston Globe
"The Right to Destroy: A Law Professor Defends the Right to Trash Your Own Stuff"
by Christopher Shea
February 20, 2005
The Washington Post
"They're Watching You . . . "
by Geoffrey R. Stone
February 15, 2005
"Mad Scientists: Go away, ethics police. Leave the NIH alone."
by Richard A. Epstein
February 14, 2005
"Interview with Diane P. Wood on the role of the judiciary in the global economy"
by Norman P. Aquino
January 29, 2005
Herald Sun
"Human rights lawyer watches detainee handover"
January 27, 2005
Financial Times
"Contributory infringement wars "
by Richard A. Epstein
January 24, 2005
The New Republic
by Richard A. Posner
January 17, 2005
National Law Journal
"Rethink 'Wickard'"
by Richard A. Epstein
December 30, 2004
The New York Times
"All Justice, Too, Is Local "
by Eric A. Posner
December 24, 2004
Chicago Tribune
"Dissent is not disloyal; `Can an American who wants the United States to lose the war in Iraq be patriotic?"
by Geoffrey R. Stone