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April 7, 2005
Chicago Tribune
"Smart Bombs: 2 high-powered Chicago thinkers (a Nobel Prize winner and a rabble-rousing federal judge) rattle the blogosphere one intellectual grenade at a time by"
by Maureen Ryan
April 7, 2005
Chicago Defender
by Molly Brown
April 6, 2005
Chicago Final Edition
"Cops sued on detaining witnesses; U. of C. lawyers name department and Cline personally"
by David Heinzmann
March 29, 2005
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Impact of intellectual property law growing"
by Meg Jones
March 8, 2005
New Zealand Herald
"ECA Didn't Make the Sky Fall In"
by Richard A. Epstein
March 1, 2005
New Zealand herald
by Richard A. Epstein
February 27, 2005
The Boston Globe
"The Right to Destroy: A Law Professor Defends the Right to Trash Your Own Stuff"
by Christopher Shea
February 20, 2005
The Washington Post
"They're Watching You . . . "
by Geoffrey R. Stone
February 15, 2005
"Mad Scientists: Go away, ethics police. Leave the NIH alone."
by Richard A. Epstein
February 14, 2005
"Interview with Diane P. Wood on the role of the judiciary in the global economy"
by Norman P. Aquino