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July 31, 2010
Wall Street Journal
"Fat New World "
by Tomas J. Philipson and Richard Posner
July 30, 2010
University of Chicago Magazine
"Legal practice"
by Jason Kelly
July 29, 2010
The New Republic
"'Top Secret America'—A Bust"
by Richard A. Posner
July 29, 2010
Technology - Academics - Policy
"Randal Picker on the Law and Economics of Internet Search"
by TAP Staff Blogger
July 27, 2010
"Avandia's Exception"
by Anup Malani
July 24, 2010
Detroit Free Press
"As Pilot is Rescued, Families Still Hoping for More Survivors"
by Jeff Seidel et al.
July 23, 2010
The Huffington Post
"American Justice? Two-and-a Half Cheers for the Department of Homeland Security!"
by Geoffrey Stone
July 21, 2010
Washington Examiner
"Push for more trials may hurt patients"
by Anup Malani and Tomas J. Philipson
July 21, 2010
The New Republic
"Just Friends"
by Richard A. Posner
July 20, 2010
The Huffington Post
"Deconstructing DOMA"
by Geoffrey R. Stone